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Avvisu di vacanze CNY

Tempu: 2021-01-20 Visite: 21


Chinese New Year officially begins on February 12, 2021. Most suppliers will start slowing down two weeks before ferraghju 12. We would suggest you ask your suppliers when their offices and factories will be closed throughout the CNY holiday. Below is a rule of thumb schedule for the CNY for 2021.

· End of January: Suppliers will begin to slow production.

· Early February: Employees begin leaving the factories.

· Frivaru 11: All employees have left the factory.

· Frivaru 12: Annu novu chinese.

· Frivaru 22: Employees begin returning to the factories.

· Marzu 1: Most employees have returned.

· Marzu 8: Operations are almost back to normal.


Quality Defender Starts CNY Holiday on February 8 and returns on February 22.